What is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR content is any type of content that gives you the right to edit, change, or modify it however you want. Yes, you can sell it as your own!

What's The Point Of PLR Products?

The whole point of buying PLR content is to make your life easier. As a business owner, you have a lot of demands on your time and a great deal of content you need to create. Private Label Rights content gives you a base of materials to work from so that you don't have to do it all yourself. You can buy content for:

  • Your blog or website

  • Marketing material and promotions

  • Your own product and course creation

Where Can I even Sell My E-books after purchase?

Once you make a purchase from Ebooks Connection the only thing you'll need is a place to start selling your digital goods. You can sell directly from your website, or you can use a powerful platform called Sellfy. I've tested all types of platforms and nothing has ever performed like Sellfy, it's #1 hands down. You can try this all for FREE, then get 10% off when your plan begins by using discount code: EBOOKSCONNECTION

After I Buy an Ebook Can I Do anything I want with it?

Yes! Once you purchase the ebook of your choice you can Resell UNLIMITED amount of times. Let's say you bought a 10$ ebook. After that purchase you can sell it however many times you possibly can!

How Soon Will I Receive My Item After I Purchase?

After you make your purchase, your digital items will be available for download INSTANTLY. If there is any questions feel free to contact me!

Is Rebranding Required after purchasing from Ebooks Connection?

No. Although it is recommended to stand out from other people you do not need to rebrand at all if you dont want to!

Is this Legal?

Yes it is! Large companies all around use the Private Label model to make BILLIONS of dollars. AMAZON and so much other businesses use it and your wondering why you are only hearing about it today. This is a money making machine and the competition is the opposite of saturated, start at it today and be ahead of the game.


My goal wasn't to just sell you an Ebook and let you go off alone. We are in this together. **** CLICK THIS LINK **** To be sent to my blueprint that is made so YOU can succeed. We really want to make sure you aren't confused during the process of selling your products so we provide you with all the information and platforms/tools so you know what type of work you will have to be putting in. This is all free information I'm not selling an overpriced course to you. My goal is for you to start a solid passive income that will out-weigh all others. PLR is not saturated at all and the potential in it right now is endless. When you go to my BLOG SITE it will be updated frequently with new information and ways to improve your marketing process/appeal to new users.

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