Let's first touch on the potential and why you should start an online business or start marketing your software/online goods while incorporating Ebooks. The beauty with Ebooks is the wide variety of options you have. While you are advertising anything possible on the internet I can guarantee there's an Ebook for it that you can be promoting with your other products or services. While I do highly recommend creating landing pages or blogs strictly about the niche/ebook of your choice it can also be VERY profitable to incorporate ebooks with your affiliate marketing or personal shop. In the end what can you lose in investing a couple dollars for an already done ebook!

NOTE: This shop will be up to date with products, I will be investing a lot of money to make sure every week there's new products and also update all the information I give out to help your success. Although there will be blogs uploaded you can stay updated with what's going on in REAL-TIME on our instagram @ebooksconnection.

Purchasing your First Ebook

Choosing your first product can be a confusing/complicated thing. Now, the thing you want to make sure of(If you don't already have a niche business established) is you pick something you're interested in. Now please don't just pick a product because you like it. The biggest part of picking the right product or service to market is picking something very specific within a niche. What does this mean? So, for example let's say you want to help people improve themselves physically & mentally... This is very broad subject so the best thing you can do is picking something specific WITHIN this niche. Some examples would include skin care, self-love, fitness(another broad niche), eliminate stress/ anxiety, a type of diet, and many more. The whole point is picking something that isn't broad that you can educate your audience with.

While it is great you picked a specific niche you also NEED to check the competition on this. Now this is a subject that I can make a whole blog about so I won't touch on it too deeply but I'd highly recommend doing research on whatever you choose (competition) before moving forward since this can take a big toll on your success.

Puchased your First Ebook, Now What?

NOTE: I'll be covering if you were to strictly buy an Ebook and build a brand around it. Other ways like incorporating your Ebook with affiliate marketing or your own already established business would be fairly simple since it's simply addition information you're offering.

Now there are many social media routes you can go with and I discussed this in our last blog "Sellfy review: Is it really the Best place to Sell your PLR content?".

Option 1: Website

If you are looking to create a website or landing page for ANY digital product there's no other platform better for digital products than Sellfy. Even Shopify requires a third party app to sell digital products. If you want more information about Sellfy I also have a blog called "Sellfy Review: Is it Better than Squarespace?". So get that set up and ill touch on steps to follow later down the page.

Option 2: Blog

You definitely want to make sure you spend your time and create a nice blog. Blogs are VERY powerful and I COMPLETELY recommend this if you're starting and plus there's A LOT of free avenues you can try out with blogs since you're able to publish it on different websites(will cover this soon).

NOTE: When people enter your website a software that can greatly increase your conversions so people can trust your site more would be nudgify I have a blog covering this "Boost your Conversions - Turn Your Visitors to Buyers" it's amazing and feel free to read and learn more about it.

How to get Traffic To your Website or Blog

Amazing job if you got to this step because it shows you are motivated to establishing that side income you've always wanted. Traffic is obviously essential to making any money so I will explain how you can get traffic to both your website or your blog.

Okay so here you have 2 options:

Short Term Money:

Paid ads(includes: Google/ any social platform)

Long Term Money:


Free Traffic Methods

Secret Bonus Method

Paid Ads

Starting with the first option paid ads.... This easily can be the only marketing strategy you do and you can still be VERY successful. I highly recommend researching into Google ads personally since it's so powerful. Best place to learn this would be Udemy to avoid getting scammed by some guru for thousands of $. Facebook and Instagram ads I'm personally more knowledgeable in than platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. Social platform paid ads can do wonders as well if you have some good images and the right keywords. When dealing with paid ads ill say it again --Do your Research-- the goal is to spend money to make money not lose.


Although it may be hard this is a money making machine that can set you up for life. The main issue with SEO is the learning curve.

With SEO, again you have options:

  • Pay a Freelancer to do the work for you.

  • Use a Tool to handle all the hard parts for you.

  • Learn and Do it yourself.

There's so much people online looking to be paid to Rank your site. The websites I'd recommend is Freelancer.com or Upwork.com .if you're looking to pay someone to do it for you this can also save a lot of headache doing it all on your own


And finally, learning on your own.. Now this is definitely a learning curve but I'd recommend you learn this on udemy.com. They have really cheap courses and you can get a good idea if you want to keep learning or not!


No, although techniques like liking/follow & unfollow/interacting with your audience/ etc are important and I highly push you to be doing that on a daily consistent basis that is not what I will be covering. The secret free traffic method is called "content syndication". This method summarized is the concept of publishing your content on different high traffic websites and leveraging off their audience. I HEAVILY summarized this method so please take time out of your day to watch this video/ watch his other videos that cover what you want to do everything is for free, typically with information he provides there will be courses for $100s of dollars.



You ever wonder how these pages or businesses upload and do so much things per day regardless of the size of their audience? It's AUTOMATION now I think all of us can understand how time consuming it is to grow organic reach. Yes the methods itself isn't hard but it can take hours of your time consistently. Now just think if you had someone doing this for you everyday? There's a way you can be happy and the person you have working for you can be happy. This is getting someone in a developing country and paying them an hourly rate of your choosing. There are so much people out there looking to make extra cash while you need time taken off your shoulders. I promise if you pursue this and play it right/still put a lot of work in you can see yourself hitting the big $$$!

Nice! You made it to the end and I hope I provided a lot of information for you so you can be confident in starting your online business. No it is not easy and trust me there's a good chance you won't see miraculous results within days but what I will tell you is if you read through this guide and understand all the concepts individually and put it to practice you are bound for success. We love feedback so feel free to leave reviews or shoot us a DM with any questions. This business wasn't started for money it was started to spread knowledge and help you guys on your path. If anything you guys will have way more profit potential since you're able to sell our products unlimited times. So anyways, get in touch with us at any time we'd LOVE to hear your progress!